Weekly Life Group for Preschool Moms

You need a refuge. You need fellowship with moms that are in the same phase of life. You also need encouragement and Godly counsel from moms who have already walked this road. The Refuge is a place where you can be still. It is a place where you will be equipped to balance motherhood with your pursuit of Jesus. Together, we will dive into scripture in class and at home. With just one homework question a day, you will be amazed at how much fruit you will find in your life. You will learn more about God and crave more time with Him. We can’t wait to do life with you!

 These years are crucial. In between rocking your baby in the middle of the night, endless laundry, and trying to teach a toddler to share, you are also shaping the future of your family’s faith. The Refuge is a place where we await you to share the journey.

Kari Moore & Liz Hinton

Lifegroup Leaders

Service Time: 10:30 a.m.