The word “mentor” can have different meanings to each of us. Our desire at FCC is that you experience every aspect of your life through the lens of Scripture and through the eyes of Jesus. But, sometimes, that is hard, much harder than it sounds. Everyday questions that we have about relationships, or how to respond to certain situations or people, or raising children, or dealing with broken relationships…the list can go on and on.

God’s Word may not give you a black and white answer to your question, but His Word does contain the principles in Scripture to help you in each and every situation. It is so important in this journey called Life to build relationships with those who have walked where you are, and are willing to be transparent, to point you to Jesus, to share God’s Word with you, to pray with you and encourage you as you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Depending on the need, a mentor may meet with you for a short time or a longer time (women only). Whatever the case, we are here for you.

Please complete the form below and our Women’s Ministry team representative will be in touch with you!

Fill out the form below and our Women’s Ministry team will be in touch with you to connect you in a mentoring relationship.