Several years ago, God gave the FCC family an opportunity to purchase property to relocate just four-tenths of a mile from our current campus. He also gave us a vision for those 25+ acres. That was a miracle! It was nothing we could manipulate or manufacture on our own. We are NOT relocating just for a new auditorium. No church does! That is a misconception many people possess when building intentions are communicated to their church. Worship space is simply one factor. When considering our vision, we have many needs and spiritual dreams that can be met by this relocation.

  • An expansion of ministry to our young families through additional and new secure space for their kids.
  • Doubling the space for our Shining Light preschool to further meet the needs of our growing community.
  • The increased ability to minister to our community.
  • Removal of stairs and two levels that will minister to our senior saints and our ever-growing special needs ministry.
  • The list is endless. But the property will always be used to serve the Lord and serve our community. We have a long way to go. Please continue to pray for God’s guidance and direction.

Updated News:

We have received a Letter of Intent from a church in Franklin to purchase our current campus for the agreed upon asking price of $5 million. We wish to remain where we are until our building is complete, and they are very supportive of that. In the future, we will encourage one another through mutual projects and community outreach events. You will hear more about that in the future.

If the Lord keeps us on our current path, our tentative schedule looks like this:

  • We are finishing up final blueprints this summer with our architects
  • These will be examined and adjusted to meet our budget restraints
  • Have a financial plan in place to meet budget building demands
  • Start construction 2019
  • Building ready for use in 2021

Building plans have been submitted to Williamson County and the State Fire Marshall. Once the approval has been received from both entities, then building permits will be able to be pulled to begin site work.

Lead Minister, David Welsh, receives an email from Erwin Brothers wanting to arrange a meeting so Jon Erwin could talk about buying FCC’s building/property at 4040 Murfreesboro Road.

FCC’s receives a contract from the Erwin Brothers concerning the purchase of our property.

FCC hosts two Q & A sessions for our church family to ask questions concerning the sale of our current building/property. Below are links to FCC’s Relocation Story and FAQ’s that were handed out at the meetings.

Congregational Meeting held on April 7, 2019, that allows the church family to vote on the sale of our current building/property to the Erwin Brothers. The church voted to approve the sale of 4040 Murfreesboro Road by 96%.

FAQs about Sale of FCC Building

FCC relocation story_letter

Received notice that the Erwin Brothers/Kingdom Studios terminated their contract with FCC to purchase our current property.

Received a Letter of Intent from the Gate Community Church to purchase our current facility/property at 4040 Murfreesboro Road.

FCC hosts two Q & A sessions on January 2nd and January 5th for our church family to ask questions concerning the sale of our current facility/property.

Congregational Meeting held on January 5, 2020 for our church family to vote on the sale of our current facility/property to the Gate Community Church. The church voted to approve the sale of 4040 Murfreesboro Road and fund the construction of the new facility.

FCC’s facilities sold to The Gate Church on March 6, 2020.

Covid-19 Pandemic

FCC began sharing the facilities with our new landlord, The Gate Church.

Begin site work (break ground) at our new property on Clovercroft Road.

Site, prep, retention ponds, and concrete work on the new building.

Construction continues with steel continuing to be built, risers being constructed in the worship center, pavement and curbs have been installed, trees, fencing, and implementation of our community garden.

Construction is nearing the end. We hope to be in our new building at the end of December or sometime in January.

We will keep you updated as details change.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Concerning the sale of the current property and the construction of our new facility.

The Gate Church purchased the building on March 6, 2020. Their website is:

  • At least twice in our history we reached above the 75-80% capacity for seating people, but we weren’t ready to build or relocate immediately. Church growth experts state that attendance cannot retain that level without a long-term solution. In addition, congregations will grow one-third to one-half in the first year in a new building. While worship center size is a factor, it is not the only factor.
  • We want to expand and enhance our community/fellowship opportunities. Our new facility will be one level with a main corridor that then feeds to our major departments such as youth, children, etc. The purpose of this design is to enhance community/fellowship.
  • The new building will provide parking that will better accommodate our needs. More handicap spaces are needed, as well as reserved spaces for single parents near the entrance.
  • The new building will provide increased space for teens and children.
  • Our preschool, which brings income and potential members, could double in enrollment if we had additional space.
  • Our Special Needs ministry is in desperate need for more space and trained volunteers.
  • More space would allow us to expand current ministries and offer new opportunities to better serve the people in our city and county. Possible new outreach ministries:
    • Isaiah House (Refuge for foster children awaiting assignment)
    • Missionary on Leave Home
    • Counseling Center
    • Community Space for soccer fields, pavilion, recreation areas
    • Community Garden
    • Room at the Inn (Overnight safe house for homeless)
    • Car repair for single parents and senior saints
    • Community Events (schools, concerts, funerals)
    • Church Events (seminars, conferences, ministerial meetings)
  • The new building will be more efficient for heating/cooling with lower ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Future recreation space (soccer fields, pavilion, etc.) can be added on the property as a way of reaching out to our neighbors and community.

Expected Timeline:

Construction of our new facility

Stay Tuned for future updates

December 2021

  • Move into our new facility to begin worshipping there.

**All dates are subject to change.

FCC’s new property is located at 4040 Clovercroft Road with is just .4 of a mile up Clovercroft Road from our current property at 4040 Murfreesboro Road.