November 3-24, 2019

Because of Thanksgiving, the month of November reminds us of the importance of gratitude and
focusing on blessings. Christians especially have reason to be grateful. This month our new sermon
series, I Am Thankful…will lead us to see God’s gifts as we thank Him for our spiritual riches and His
power in our lives. We will thank Him for the family around us and for Jesus who wants to heal us
physically, emotionally and spiritually. Join us each Sunday in November as we offer our thanksgiving to
God who gives freely and lovingly.

November 3, 20109

I Am Thankful…for Finding Delight in the Lord

Speaker: David Welsh

November 10, 20109

I Am Thankful…for God’s Power

Speaker: David Welsh

November 17, 20109

I Am Thankful…for God’s Family

Speaker: Jeremy Stevenson

November 24, 20109

I Am Thankful…for Jesus

Speaker: David Welsh