September 3, 2017

What are you afraid of? Flying? Snakes? Public speaking? Mice? Spiders? Me? We’re all afraid of losing our jobs, our wealth & health. And we are afraid of dying. Fear is a universal experience. It touches everyone. Fear plagues us from infancy to the grave. It unsettles our peace & distracts our energies. In countless interviews with flood victims in Texas, one could see fear in their eyes & hear desperation in their voices. The ancient Greeks listed fear as 1 of the 4 basic human emotions, along with grief, desire & sensual pleasure.  Paul spoke of possessing “conflicts on the outside, fears within.” (2 Cor 7:5) We all face fear; no one avoids it.  Despite what the world may claim, no magic formula exists for fear-relief. Fears are not out-grown, neither are they conquered by mere self-will. God’s Word tells us only in Christ will fear be totally & eternally conquered.